Stainless Steel Extraction Canopies

Extraction Canopies Manufacturered to your requirements

Commercial kitchen extraction equipment is an essential part of every catering establishment.

The kitchen extraction system ensures a healthy and safe environment for members of staff and customers alike by removing heat, grease and smells along with the harmful by-products generated during cooking processes by catering equipment positioned beneath.

Nordik are an industry leader in commercial exhaust ventilation systems.

Adequate ventilation systems, including the proper venting and capture of gases, heat, grease and smoke generated by cooking processes is integral in ensuring the safety of both customers and staff. The correct system is important for fire prevention and sanitation purposes.

As a result, our organisation has used continuous research and development in order to create a product that is second to none. We pride ourselves on our quality of finish, system performance and quiet operation to suit every need.

Commercial Kitchen Extraction Design

A commercial kitchen extraction design can comprise of various configurations depending the layout and dimensions of your kitchen, as well as the type of catering equipment appliance and choice of fuels i.e. gas, electric, charcoal or solid fuel within your commercial kitchen.

A correctly designed and specified commercial kitchen ventilation system will ensure a healthy and comfortable working environment for your kitchen staff, addressing any potential issues of air quality, harmful by-products of combustion, noise, odour and temperature control. It will also address any conditions set by local authorities to protect the surrounding areas and residents.


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